8 Tips For Furniture Removalists In Sydney

When the time comes to move house you often have heavy Furniture Removalists to contend with. There are certain ways you can move it to make it easier on yourself and on your back. Reputable removalists are well experienced in lifting heavy things and can take care of these for you. For an experienced Furniture Removalists in Sydney contact Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney. Here are 8 quick tips for moving house furniture in Sydney.

1.Slide Instead of Lifting

Whilst small pieces can be lifted you can opt to slide larger items across the room. Unless you have experience its likely you won’t know how to lift is properly resulting in a bad back. In some cases it is unavoidable so it’s important to remember to bend your legs and ensure your back is kept straight.

2.Utilise Towels

You could try putting a towel under the furniture’s legs. You can rock the furniture back and forth to get it under. This will ensure it glides across the room.

3.Use a Trolley

Trolleys are designed to take some of the weight and be easily moved on wheels. There are different types that can either be purchased or hired before moving day.

4.Try Pushing or Pulling

Some furniture will be easy to push whilst some pieces are easier to pull. Try different ways and see what works best for you. It may feel more natural to push a heavy furniture item; however, you may find it’s actually easier to pull it.

5.Empty Your Furniture

Don’t try and cut corners by leaving furniture loaded up. It may reduce the time you need to take emptying it and unloading and putting away at the other end, however, it makes it heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre. It also reduces the risk of things falling out and either breaking or causing a mess.

6.Use a System

Once you’ve moved house you don’t want to have to move everything around again, particularly heavy furniture. Make a plan of where everything is going and ensure the removalists know where to put everything.

7.Use Furniture Removalists

You may be planning to take on the task yourself; however, an experienced removalist is worth the extra expense. They know how to lift and will take precautionary measures to keep it intact during the move. Save your back and use a removals expert.

8.Take Your Time

If you are moving furniture, ensure you take your time. Many injuries can be avoided on moving day simply by avoiding rushing.
If you follow these simple tips for moving house furniture in Sydney you will ensure your belongings are protected and you don’t incur any injuries. Ideally you should utilise a removalist to take care of your items. Contact Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney at 1300 727 115 to help with your move.