Handy Checklist for an Interstate Move

With so much going around in your mind and house missing something important on the day of your move is possible. You and your family might already be stressed and anxious about the move. To make your move easy, follow the Moving Checklist below of the common things you need to remember before and during an Interstate Move.

Two months before the move

  • Start disassembling large furniture.
  • Make decisions about where the furniture will be placed in the new house.
  • Book a professional removal company.
  • Arrange school transfers for your children.
  • Set up a backyard sale to give away unused belongings which you would not need in the new house.
  • Update your new address on your bank account and insurance policy.
  • Contact your local post office to redeliver mails to your new address.

One month before the move

  • List all of your fragile belongings which will require extra care during transportation.
  • Organise all of your important paperwork.
  • Check everything from the previous checklist has been done.

Two weeks before the move

  • Clean the home ready for the move.
  • Return any rented materials such as books or DVDs.
  • Empty your pantry and fridge by cooking the items.
  • Check if your car requires any service such as oil change or tune up.

One week before the move

  • Start packing your family’s personal belongings.
  • Discontinue all subscriptions and delivered services.
  • Pack a “Bedroom Essentials” box including bed linens, pillows, slippers.
  • Pack a “Bathroom Essentials” box including towels, toiletries, toothbrushes.
  • Pack a “Kitchen Essentials” box including cutlery, plates, cups.

One day before the move

  • Label all your boxes according to their contents.
  • Place all important items such as phone chargers, flashlights and basic handyman tools on one bag.

Moving day

  • Clean your fridge.
  • Check the house for any missed items once the “Removalists” have transferred all furniture into the moving vehicle.
  • Lock all the doors and windows of your home.
  • Refill your car’s fuel tank for the move.
  • Hand over the keys to real estate agent or previous owners before leaving.

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