How To Move Fragile And Valuable Items

Are you worried that your fragile and valuable items will get destroyed while moving? Well, you are very lucky to be reading this article because we have got you covered.

1. Plan your packing

First of all, you must have a plan about how you are going to go through the packing stage. For that, you should make a separate checklist for your delicate items to be moved and then plan on how you are going to pack them. If the things are of considerable size then you are going to need large cartons, etc.

Tiny things can be packed anywhere, for example, you can fit these in between some soft items like clothes, blankets. The problem arises when the items are quite sizeable for which you should get separate cartons and mark them diligently.

2. Get some durable, resilient packing materials

It is very important to get strong and large packing materials to make sure that while moving items would not get crumbled.

3. Make sure your items are insured!

Before moving your things from one place to another, make sure you have insured all your items especially the expensive ones like jewellery. This step will ensure that in case of any unfortunate events you won’t lose your life long savings.

4. Choosing the right box for right items…

Now this is one of the most important steps of packing your fragile items. You have got to be vigilant about this to avoid any surprises while unpacking. Make sure that the right items are in a right box considering their size, weight, and the level of fragility. If you choose a large box for small items, then they will roll around the box and can get damaged. If you don’t have choice but to pack things in the large boxes then make sure to add soft material i.e. cotton, fabric, etc in the corners of the box.

5. Let your movers know about the fragile items

Inform the Movers specifically about the fragile items and ask them to be gentle with those items. Again, don’t forget to mark these boxes!

Make sure that you follow all the above guidelines and you will be good to go. For further assistance, call Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney at 1300 727 115 or you can e-mail us at We are open five days a week from Monday to Friday. You can also visit us at Bondi, New South Wales 2026.