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Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney offers office removals by taking care of all your considerations. We are the best in what we do, keeping your furniture safe and ensuring that your data and other bits of information are not misplaced in the process of shifting office. We can arrange trucks and vehicles of differing sizes for all your removal needs. Our team then packs the belongings and loads the trucks. Once we reach the destination, our experts will unpack the trucks and vehicles, putting everything in the required place, just the way you want.

Transporting your furniture during a move can be quite a task. Outside of sorting through old and new, junk and treasure, furniture removal is the most dreaded part of relocating. When you take a look at all the bold pieces that your home or office contains and you imagine the manpower needed to get those items out of the room, down flights of stairs and to the truck, you’ll perhaps already be out of breath without having to lift a finger.

To lighten the burden and not have to deal with the strength needed to lift such heavy loads as well as the injuries that may occur during furniture removals, contacting a professional is by far the best road to take. A company like us, Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney is just who you need to call. We’ll provide you with a workforce of experts who will have your furniture out of its current location and to its final destination without having a scratch present on neither the workers nor your furniture.



To eliminate the chances of any harm coming to your furniture it’s essential that you take the time out to have it wrapped and packaged safely. At Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney we not only have the skills and the experience necessary to get your furniture secured in a damage proof way, but we can also provide you with the materials as well as the assistance you require.

By contacting us to assist with the packaging of your furniture you can guarantee that each piece will be sufficiently protected to endure even the longest of journeys. The materials we use for packaging are of high quality. At Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney quality matters and when it comes to packaging we ensure that your property is secured with materials that won’t rip due to the slightest amount of pressure or friction.

Items you may need to package furniture:


Some of the furniture in your home may require disassembling before they are able to be transported. In such situations, you will want to ensure that you are precautions about who takes care of doing so. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that you may have fragile pieces of furniture that need to be taken apart and when not handled with care, can be broken. This is something you will undoubtedly want to avoid.

Another reason that it is best to have a professional assist with disassembling your furniture is that when done incorrectly, you are risking the possibility of causing damage to the slots where the screws are taken out of. This is a very common mistake that is made and one that may lead to the overall damage of certain pieces as when it comes to putting them back together, it may be impossible to fit a screw into the damaged area.

If your furniture needs to be taken apart for transport, don’t be afraid to give us a call and arrange for us to send a professional to assist you. We know just how to get your furniture taken apart in a way that will lead to no damages being caused to your valuables. We ensure that we use the right tools and take the necessary precautions in doing so.

Once your furniture has been safely transported to your new location by Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney, we can also help you getting them back together in the same timely and damage free fashion in which we carried out the disassembling.

For all your furniture removal needs, there is no better company in Sydney to call than us, Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney. We won’t be afraid to put our years of service, excellent skills and renowned customer service to good use when assisting you.

Make the right decision, the safe decision, and the affordable decision when you call Eastern Suburbs Removals Sydney to take care of your furniture removal.

Book a Removalist in your Eastern Suburb today, call us now on 1300 727 115 or fill the form for a free. We are also available in other parts of Sydney for our Furniture Removalist services.