Moving Check List

Book in Advance To Get The Best Rate

Here at the Eastern Suburbs Removals Company we want to assist you as much as possible with your move. There are many things to plan and remember not just moving your items from one place to another so it is easier than you think to forget something important which may cause problems later.


You might be surprised to find out how much stuff you actually have when you clear out every room including loft/basement space. It might be necessary for you to store several items temporarily up until the day of the move. We are happy to assist you with booking temporary storage; we will also take the items there for you.


Having the right packing materials is always crucial and it’s usually one that people do not prepare properly. We can provide you with all the materials you need pack all items sufficiently. We can even do most of the packing for you, especially with those heavy and awkward items.

Registrations and Mails

Don’t forget that once you move to your new address you will need to notify all the companies you are registered with so that important mail will follow you to your new home. It is advised you let companies know in advance so 2 weeks before your move in date is an ideal time to start letting all the companies know when and where you are moving to.


Even with the greatest care taken, we cannot guarantee that your personal and cherished belongings won’t get damaged in transit. This is why we offer suitable insurance cover as part of our service. Insurance is not only important, it’s common sense. Even if using another company make sure that insurance is in place.

Final Check

When the team say they have finished loading carefully check around the house to be sure that nothing has been left behind, or that they have not loaded something you wanted left.

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