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Tips in Moving into Your First Home

The Double Bay is a suburb located about four kilometres east of Sydney’s Central Business District. This municipality is characterized by its posh homes and an upscale commercial area filled with trendy salons and restaurants that cater to the young and wealthy crowd. This 79-hectare area got its name from the two bay formations between Darling Point and Point Piper. 

Double Bay is also home to some of Australia’s most expensive homes, and the area is usually referred to as “Double Pay” because of its high cost of living. People who live in Double Bay are some of the wealthiest people in Sydney. 


Tips in Moving into Your First Home

If you are moving into a new home within the Double Bay area, you must have made it big since only those with high income can afford to live in this place. Congratulations. However, if you thought that moving into your small apartment when you were starting was tough, moving into a larger home may become extremely difficult. Fortunately, there are many Movers Double Bay companies that you can hire to help you move. Nevertheless, here are some tips for moving into your first home. 


Do Not Pack Alone. You may have been renting a small apartment for over a decade and may have accumulated a lot of stuff to pack. Packing by yourself may become too overwhelming for you. If you can afford to do so, hire a Removalist Double Bay service to help you pack your stuff. These experts will know what packing materials to bring and how to pack your fragile possessions. 

Map Out Your Stuff. You may have gotten so comfortable with the furniture arrangement that you want to replicate the same arrangement in your new home. The best way to take note of where everything is arranged is to take a picture of each room of your current living space. However, it is important to note that you may not be able to replicate every area in your new home. Likewise, if you move from a small apartment to a large home, the furniture you’ll be bringing may not be enough to fill your new home. 

Label All Boxes. One way to reduce the stress of moving into a new home is to label all the boxes. Organize your labels according to where they will be placed in your new home so that the Removalist Double Bay service that you hire were to put them. It is best if you have already gone to your new home and took measurements of each of the rooms so that you will know which of your existing furniture will fit in which space. 

Plan Your Moving Date. If you want to get a cheaper moving rate, select a weekday to schedule your actual move. Midweek is a great day to move your stuff to your new home to avoid weekend traffic. Likewise, midweek is usually the least busy days for moving companies since most people will tend to move during the weekends when they have their days off from work. 

Do Your Due Diligence. It is best to perform due diligence on a Removalist Double Bay company before hiring them. One way of doing this is to check their credentials, licenses, and accreditations. It is also important to determine if your valuables will be insured during the move if anything goes wrong, such as lost or damaged items. 

Take Your Time in Moving.If you are in no rush to move into your new home, you can move items little by little. However, if you have only one day for moving, it is best to start packing your furniture and stuff at least a week before the moving date. It is best to have personnel from the Movers Double Bay company survey all your stuff in advance so that they can provide you with the right packing materials or have personnel help you with the packing before the moving date. 


Moving into your new home after renting an apartment for so long is a rewarding adventure. By following these tips, you will have an easier time with your move.

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