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What to Look for When Hiring a Relocation Service to Dover Heights?

Sydney is Australia’s most populated city, and most of its residents are immigrants. A 2016 census estimated that around 2.1 million people living in Sydney were born overseas, accounting for 43% of the city’s population. One of the reasons why Sydney attracts many immigrant residents is because it is the economic hub of Australia. Likewise, major conglomerates based in Sydney employ and relocate many ex-pats coming from different countries. More often than not, high-income-earning ex-pats would relocate to the more affluent suburbs of Sydney, such as Dover Heights, once they got settled in and had their family move in with them.


Why Move to Dover Heights?

Dover Heights is a suburb that is located 9 kilometres east of Sydney’s Central Business District. Dover Heights got its name because it resembles the cliffs of Dover, England. Dover Heights is also considered the second richest suburb in Australia based on its residents’ average taxable income. Dover Heights also offers its residents panoramic views of Sydney Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. So, if you are moving to a new home in Dover Heights, you are fortunate enough to get a high-paying job.


What to Look for When Hiring a Relocation Service to Dover Heights?

Moving your stuff from your current home to a new home may seem chaotic since you have to make many decisions such as what boxes and packaging materials to use, how to organize your things by rooms, and how to handle your fragile possessions. Fortunately, you can hire the services of a professional Removalist Dover Heights company to handle all the packing and to move the items for you. However, when hiring a Mover Dover Heights service, you must make sure that the company has the following:

Legitimacy. Professional moving companies have their fixed physical office location and can be contacted thru landline numbers. Likewise, professional removalist companies are properly bonded, insured, and licensed so they can operate legally. One good indication that a moving company is legit if they are accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association or AFRA ensures that their member companies adhere to strict standards in terms of vehicles, equipment, and methods used for moving objects from one house to another.

Reliability. It is best to check whether the mover you will hire has many positive reviews and has a high rating with the NSW Fair Trading Website. It is also important to note if the company has received awards or accolades of services which is a clear indication of their professionalism and trustworthiness. Reliability will also include the company’s communication skills in giving you updates on their current location and if they are on schedule during the move.

Competence. Professional movers have an excellent track record of service and have been in the industry for a long time. The company’s longevity is a clear indication that they have earned people’s trust, and they are still getting business from new customers. It is also important to check whether the company is implementing innovations in moving furniture and using state-of-the-art equipment to haul your valuables without damaging them.

Insurance. While most removalist companies are covered by insurance, their basic liability against any damages during the move may not be enough to replace your item at full cost. A reputable Removalist Dover Heights company will offer you insurance that will cover the full cost of your goods against all risks of loss or damage during the moving process. While you may be charged extra for it, getting full-coverage insurance will hold the movers liable for the full replacement or repairs of any item that gets damaged or lost during the moving process.

Now that you know what to look for in a Removalist Dover Heights company avoid hiring movers who fall short of these qualifications to ensure that you have a hassle-free relocation.

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