Posted on 07th, Jul 15

Like any service, your Eastern Suburbs removalists needs to be chosen with care. The packing and unpacking of a home or office is complex; time consuming and tedious. This is the reason that many home, business owners and renters opt to have a professional moving company oversee their move. There are tips you should be aware of when choosing a removalist, which the guide below will familiarize you with.



IF you have friends or family that recently moved, ask them about their moving company. You’ll want to make sure that those you ask to recommend their moving company, moved recently. The reason for this is that a lot can occur during a few years, including a company closing or going bad. Ask the individual specifics about the company they used, and also perform background research on the company yourself.

Another great source for information on removlists in the Eastern Suburbs is on the Internet. Search websites that offer relocation services. Don’t just land on one and think it looks good. Make a list of companies that have potential, and research them. You’ll then want to contact each company to receive a rundown of their services, request references, and receive a quote. Those that seem unreasonably low question as you get what you pay for. Also, discuss how they secure the goods, so they aren’t damaged during transport.

Aside from cost, services and references, you’ll also want to talk to the moving company about their staff. The staff should be properly trained and skilled, as well as well-versed with the proper packing, loading and unpacking of valuable items. You’ll also want to ensure you choose a company that travels to the location you are moving to.

The experience of a company is important, and you should choose a company that has years of experience in the industry. Experience is a show of competency and reliability, and your choice in an Eastern Suburbs removalist should be of one that is experienced as the more experience the moving company has, the better expertise they offer their customers.

You’ll also want to be sure to evaluate the packages offered by the moving company and evaluate the prices. A reliable moving company has a competitive price range that will be flexible to suit different budgets without compromising the service their customers receive.


Choosing the right moving company will mean the difference in your move. So, just a recap…

  • 1. Ask family and friends for recommendations.
  • 2. Access the Internet to find local, reputable companies.
  • 3. Interview each company asking for specific information on the training their removalists receive, the locations they travel, different packages for you to evaluate and their years in the business.
  • 4. Ask about the company’s packing and unpacking procedures and how their vehicles are customised to help reduce the risk to damage to your property.
  • 5. Shop and compare the different companies and go with the one that has the experience and reputability in the industry and it affordable.


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